Is Välling shelf stabile?

Välling is shelf stabile and stays fresh for 12 months after purchase if kept in a concealed package

Can I mix Välling with something other than water?

Välling can be mixed with a liquid of your preference - water, a milk of choice, formula or breastmilk. Many parents start serving Välling mixed in with another drink their baby recognize since introducing new tastes to babies and toddlers instinct is, and should be, to be skeptical to new tastes. This is a deeply rooted defense mechanism children have to not eat things that could potentially be dangerous to them

My Välling is too thick for my sippy cup or bottle nipple?

Välling is naturally thicker than cows milk and formula. If your child has problems getting it out of the bottle make the holes bigger with a disinfected needle of some bigger size than the current hole. Pass it through the original hole a few times until it gets a bit larger. If it still does not help, chose a bigger needle or similar to make the holes bigger. Last option, cut a bigger hole.

If you prefer a less thick consistency you can mix less Välling to parts liquid.

All of our ingredients are gluten-free and 100% organic, however the product is produced in a facility where gluten is used in other products.

Is your product gluten-free and organic?

How long does prepared Välling keep fresh?

Keep prepared Välling in a fridge and consume within 2 days. Prepared Välling that is stored in room temperature should be consumed within 3 hours. Note that Välling will have natural separation since we do not add stabilizers to the drink. Simply shake any Välling that has been previously prepared before serving.

Välling is recommended from 8 months age. There’s no cap to when you stop drinking Välling although the majority of our customers are between 8 months - 4 years old. Fun fact: a lot of swedes still drink Välling as adults before bedtime.

What age group is Välling recommended for?