7 Reasons Oats is a Superfood

We are all about clean and simple eating at Bla Bla Foods. We want to keep our products free from additives, stabilizers, and cheap bi-products. This is why we love oats.

Oats is a simple, ancient, clean and healthy grain that comes with a ton of health benefits, in addition, it’s one of few foods that keep it’s health benefits since it’s not overly processed. To list a few of it’s positive traits, these are our favorite ones:

  1. Provides nourishment to babies with gluten allergy: Babies allergic to gluten cannot consume grains like wheat, rye, and barley that provide essential nutrition. But they can eat oats, which are gluten-free and have the same vitamins and minerals the essential grains do. Oats helps improve the nutritional value of a gluten-free diet that can lead to nutritional deficiencies in babies

  2. A natural vitamin and mineral bomb: Oats are naturally high in essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus

  3. Oats are good at easing constipation: Oats are rich in fiber, which means they help tackle constipation which can be a huge problem for many children and young babies

  4. Good for immunity: Oats contain a type of sugar (I know, it’s crazy, but not all sugars are bad!!) called beta-glucans that boosts the production of immune system cells in the gut

  5. Helps reduce inflammation: Oats contains avenanthramides that can help reduce and prevent inflammation and lower blood pressure

  6. Long-lasting feel: Oats tend to swell for a long time after consumption which will allow a content and filled feeling. This, for little humans, often means full nights of sleep if consumed before bedtime

  7. May help reduce risk of childhood asthma: Some research suggests that oats may help prevent asthma in children when fed to young infants

Why do you love oats? Let us know and we’ll send you a free sample of our beloved oat Välling!

Serve your Välling (oat drink for kids) in a sippy cup, glass or bottle

Serve your Välling (oat drink for kids) in a sippy cup, glass or bottle

From ignorant child-free techie to baby-food mompreneur in 12 months

Becoming a mom is wild. I never thought too much about it before becoming pregnant. Having kids was one of those things I might do in the future, not more than that. I’ve always been busy living my current life out to the fullest, not necessarily spending a lot of time on future personal plans.

All of the sudden, I found myself pregnant. Happily married, and very much in love with my husband, we got pregnant way easier and faster than we had expected. I know this is a blessing, but I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions.

Lincolns 1st Birthday

Lincolns 1st Birthday

I had so many questions, ideas and thoughts to be sorted. What does becoming a mother mean? What do I WANT it to mean? Will I be able to be a mother and still keep my personality and lifestyle? Will I stay on top of my business as a CEO through this journey?! And how will we manage without our families around? Living so far from Sweden and my family truly gets real sometimes…

After a while, I found a stabile and less stressed approach to motherhood. I started thinking about how I (thought I) wanted things to be and work, and how I thought I could control everything into being just as I had imagined. Isn’t that kind of cute?!

I remember silently judging other parents (!) for screaming kids, poor food choices and more - and how I was certain I would do better. Oh you stupid, child-less woman! I had no idea! How ignorant to think I knew anything about parenting and to think I could assess what is right or wrong. Thinking about my behaviour pre-kids makes me both cringe and laugh loudly sometimes.

If it’s something I’ve learned from becoming a mother it's

  1. Be humble. If you’re not in the same situation you have nothing to say, judge or think about it

  2. There’s so much love around us in the world. Having a baby will allow strangers to smile, wave and give you compliments. It will allow for your family and friends to cry out of happiness for a little human being they have never even met. The world is so full of love, and having a baby will give you an opportunity to get a glimpse of all of it

Snuggles with Snoop Dogg & a 5 day old Linc

Snuggles with Snoop Dogg & a 5 day old Linc

Aside of this, my son Lincoln gave me insights into a world I had no clue about. Hanging out with nieces, nephews and kids of friends will not put you in the drivers seat when it comes to figuring out diapers, creams, foods, car seats and strollers.

As I’m slightly obsessed with healthy eating, nutrition and foods, making sure our son ate healthy foods and snacks became one of my highest priorities, and still are. At the time he was born and during his first year I was still CEO of my business Vint which made me look for snacks and foods to compliment the home cooked foods due to time limitations. What I found was that the majority of foods were full of un-necessary additives, sugar, cheap and artificial corn products and gums. The products I found that were up to standard were crazy expensive and therefore, for most parents not a sustainable choice.

I started looking at my home country Sweden and quickly understood that the products for babies and kids produced there are cleaner and has less sugar. On top of this, prices are acceptable.

All of this led me to a pivotal moment in my life. 12 months after Lincoln was born I decided to do something I never thought I’d do. After a 12 year long career as a tech entrepreneur, I resigned as the CEO of Vint and started Bla Bla Foods. Our mission is to bring plant-based nutrition to little humans that are simple, clean, organic, low in sugar and always accessibly priced. All products are inspired by Swedish culture and nature, and our main ingredient in all products are oats. We pride ourselves with giving away essentially fortified foods to a mother and baby in need with every purchase of our product with our One for One initiative.

This far, we’ve launched our first product on the market, an oat based drink for little humans between the age of 8 months - years old called Välling. Bla Bla Välling is inspired by the beloved product with the same name in Sweden that >55% of all kids up to 4 years old drink on a weekly basis in Sweden before going to bed as it helps you sleep through the night. Our ingredients are locally sourced, organic, gluten free and the product in produced in San Mateo, California.

Oat based goodness to help little humans sleep through the night to be served in bottle, sippy cup, straw cup or glass

Oat based goodness to help little humans sleep through the night to be served in bottle, sippy cup, straw cup or glass

Motherhood and parenting truly is wild and you never know where the journey will take you.

Thanks to everyone that have been part of this journey so far, I can not wait for the next chapter to begin!

What to do about teething toddlers

At 15 months I thought the time with a drooling (cute, but agitated) little one on my arm was over. By this time, his smile is blending you with those new shiny teeth and I had put away the teething rings since long ago. Oh dear, being a first-time mom puts you up for some surprises… :)

It started as something we thought was a start of a cold. Or something similar to night-terrors. From being a perfect sleeper Lincoln started waking up in the middle of the night and having a really hard time going back to sleep. During the same period of time, first his thumb, then a few of his other fingers, and then the entire hand was shoved into his mouth.

Linc chewing away

Linc chewing away

In a heartbeat, we were back to t-shirts and sweaters looking like they went through a car-wash before being put on this little human body. Soaking wet. all the time. Hello, big chunky cheek teeth. Did not you’d make such a grand entry into our lives. 

Luckily, I had a few tricks up my sleeve to help ease the itchy gums as the big boys in the back made its entry. Here’s what worked for Lincoln in order to ease the itch and irritation, get his hands out of his mouth, and go back to better nights of sleep. I hope these recommendations can be valuable for other moms to teethers out there 

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.30.43 PM.png

4 solutions to itchy teething

1. Teething rings. Get the ones in natural rubber or silicone to make sure they are BPA free and harmless to your child. What got Lincolns attention and truly made him use it was a) interesting shape and b) rubber studs to really help ease the itch

2. Cut 2–3cm thick slices of cucumber and put it in the freezer. Serve and see the relief on baby's face as the gum gets some much-needed cooling. To make sure there are no harmful pesticides or insecticide on it, peel it before freezing.

3. Keep some pacifiers in the freezer so that when baby wakes up, you can easily switch it out for quick relief. For pacifiers, please keep the BPA-free, natural rubber or silicone alternatives in mind as your first choice. Also, make sure there’s no possibility for baby to separate any part of the pacifier if he or she is sleeping with it.

4. Got a small cotton or bamboo towel? Try soaking it in warm or cold water to use as a teether

Long live happy babies, well-rested parents, and itch-free gums!