once upon a time, A serial entrepreneur with passion for nutrition and healthy food had a baby…

Becoming a mother, AND being slightly obsessed with healthy and nutritious foods made me learn everything I could on infant and toddler nutrition and what the market had to offer. Many times I was both astonished and heartbroken to read the labels. High levels of sugar, additives and cheap and un-necessary corn items in basically everything the market had to offer.

After going back to my home country Sweden my son and I fell in love with simple, clean and plant-based items that were easy to prepare and packed with nutrition. No un-necessary sugars, processing or additives.

With a mission to bring accessibly priced, healthy foods to little humans, I left my position as CEO of my current software company to start Bla Bla Foods and make the worlds children healthier and happier.

We take pride in always working with top nutritionists, food scientists and locally sourced ingredients that are organic, gluten free and plant-based. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!